How Do You Feel When You Hear the Phrase, ‘Another Shooting’?

“How do you feel when you hear the phrase, ‘another shooting’?”

  I asked people how they felt when they heard that phrase, to see the responses from people on recent events. The following responses come from people who are currently in middle & high school. 

” First thing that comes to mind is ‘America’ “

“I feel disgusted! And embarrassed to live in a place where guns are so accessible for literally anyone! It’s pathetic that the government hasn’t made any change and I don’t know much about gun control, but I know it’s awful, and guns are awful, and parent’s shouldn’t have fear for their children. Kids should feel safe at school. It’s just not fair.”

“Frustrated because it’s come to the point where we feel it’s a normal thing.”

“I feel sick, like there’s no hope.”

“I honestly feel heartbroken.”

“When I hear that phrase, I think of people saying the number without actually thinking about the amount of victims.”

“I’m not even surprised anymore, just sad. I kind of feel like if nobody does anything about it then it’s going to turn into something that’s like, “at least this one wasn’t as bad.” It’s just so frustrating, I just don’t understand how many shootings there’s going to be until the government actually does something about it.”

“It’s awful what kids can get their hands on these days.”

“When I hear “another shooting”, I hear “time for change.” It’s the devastating reality that shootings are part of our society now, and it will be a realistic fear looming over our heads until something changes. The immoral and irresponsible adults in the government are putting personal greed before the lives of all of us, and that will be the case until my generation turns 18. Another shooting just builds up the anger inside me, and motivates me that much more to go out and vote at every election, local & national, the day I turn 18. It’s time young generations make some change happen so we can safely say ‘never again.’

“I’d say I’m more desensitized to it. I wouldn’t say I get sad, I mean I sure do but I usually feel more of disappointment.”

“To me, the term is disturbing. Not only does it imply that it has happened again, but it makes it seem almost like a normality. Taking peoples’ lives away is never something people should be desensitized to. Each and every time something so horrific happens it should be treated with equal amount of support and attention. A shooting is something horrible and people shouldn’t be so nonchalant about the term.”

“Disappointed and heartbroken.”

“I feel not surprised anymore, just excruciating pain because it never ends.”

“It feels stupid that they don’t have laws in place. After Columbine, every law about guns and ammo should have become stricter. It’s scary as hell to know people can’t go to school, church, the movies, or wherever they want without the thought of being scared that they might be next.”

“Heartbroken and torn apart because no one should ever have to hear that… this shouldn’t be happening on a daily basis.”

“It’s awful and tragic to hear, but I’m not surprised anymore. I wish I didn’t feel that way, but it’s been happening too much. It’s become something that is ordinary or common to hear about. And I think that if nothing changes regarding gun laws, it will stay that way. The fact that shootings happen so often is something that scares me. I don’t want to live in a world like this. I don’t want to live in a world where we can’t feel safe anymore in the slightest.”

“I feel jaded.”

“My heart literally dropped from the thought of that.”

“I feel as though there are two things we can do – make guns less common, and make kindness more. There’s no reason for anyone to get pushed to the edge like that, and if they do go to those extremes, there’s no reason to excuse their behavior or blow it off as though it’s normal. No, what we need is change, and fast.”

“I feel sick. It literally makes me physically sick.”

“I feel angry, sick, disgusted, but expected.”

“I cry, and my heart drops into my stomach I feel really disappointed.”

“How do I feel when I hear the phrase – ‘another shooting?’ When I hear the term ‘another shooting’ much like all of the rest of the world I automatically feel a rush of emotion. At first I can’t tell if I’m mad, scared or sad, but ultimately I feel utterly hopeless. Is this what our society has come to?  Heartbroken people have turned to violence to injure and kill their peers because they are unstable and hurt. My heart breaks for those who are hurt, scarred, killed and especially for the one that causes all of this pain because that person itself has seen the sore side of life. No matter which point of view you look at, a shooting is an unbelievably terrible occurrence, but these circumstances start from and feed from unkindness and a lack of love. When I hear the expression, ‘another shooting,’ all I can think is that the world needs more love, more happiness! More kindness.”

“It’s exhausting and heartbreaking. It hurts and I don’t know what to do.”

“The fact of it is that this is our country. Are we really just gonna sit around long enough to hear ‘another shooting’? This is my country, my kids will be raised in here and I will be damned if this is how my family’s country will look. We can do something. Sign up for rallies, educate yourself on gun reform or anything gun related, talk to your state representative, sign up to vote and vote, preach what you believe in. Nothing is gonna happen if we say “we can’t do anything” or “well it’ll still happen even if guns are illegal.” If this is really ythe country any of us American’s love, we’d fucking fight for the well being of our citizens and the future of this country. Be the change that you want to see.

“If I heard ‘another shooting’ again, I’d feel hatred for the world, because that’s literally the scariest thing, to think that people could kill other people without remorse.”


The people effected the most are the ones who live with the fear, and the people who responded above? They live with this fear everyday. Our opinions matter, and we should continue to voice them until something changes. A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved who shared their feelings on this event. Out thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families – words cannot fix everything, but hopefully they can light they way on our journey to a solution.

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