What is Environmentalism? An introduction to our new section.

Simply put, environmentalism is loving the earth and striving to protect the longevity of nature.

As members of the current human population, we have an overwhelming responsibility to improve our earth for future generations. Global greenhouse gas emissions have skyrocketed since the epoch of Industrialization, and the human race as a whole has failed to reverse the plague we’ve cast on nature. It sounds scary (because it is), but saving our planet is not a lost cause. There will be lasting scars, but healing is possible through worldwide efforts, and these efforts all start with you.

Through minor lifestyle shifts, activism, and education, we can help guarantee a lasting earth not just for posterity, but future generations of all species on earth.

I will be chronicling my own efforts to be a more conscious activist for earth, as well as posting about things that you can do in your own life.

It won’t all be about going green, however! Anything related to the natural world and animals may be covered.

– Lauren

Check our Environment section for more articles!


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